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    Annette Kierulf
    Arne Ingvaldsen
    Astrid Sleire
    Carl Martin Hansen
    Eva Kun
    Gillian Carson
    Marianne Berg
    Nina Grieg
    Galleri N.Bergslien, Eidfjord 2013
    Kunsthuset Kabuso 2011
    Trudi Jaeger
    Vigdis Hareide



'in which the smallest gesture becomes epic'
Voss Kunstlag, Voss Kulturhus 16.02-10.03.2013
m/Klara Lidén, Gitte Sætre, Bo Magnus og Nina Grieg. Kurator: Sayoko Nakahara

The exhibition ‘in which the smallest gesture becomes epic’ coincides with the 100 years anniversary of women’s right to vote in Norway. The history and contexts of feminism in Norway are detailed in the following two essays, and a direct political reference or practical action towards society is not the central aim of the exhibition by its nature. Art is not the substitute of those; this exhibition explores how the contexts of feminism can be interpreted in contemporary art. (...)
This exhibition seeks multiple possibilities to examine the environment and social structure surrounding women within the methodologies of contemporary art. All four artists exclusively set their starting points in their immediate surroundings, focusing on ‘small gestures’ of women, then cultivate the aesthetic or creative inspirations to question dominant ideologies. This is one of the urgent themes, which needs to be pursued in conjunction with the memorable event of women's suffrage in Norway, and is exactly where the female gesture arouses contemporary art.
(Fra katalogteksten 'Where the female gesture arouses contemporary art' av Sayoko Nakahara).



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Nina Grieg: There (Angel) 2011, Intervention 2013; Klara Lidén: Ohyra 2007; Bo Magnus: TLF#1-96 (The legacy of feminism) 2013
Nina Grieg: Split (Tahrir Square) 2012
Gitte Sætre: Morstøv 2012
Nina Grieg: Structures I 2013, Structures II 2013