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2 graduate studios

Room 304 and 404

Kunstnerverksteder cs55 offers two subsidised studios for newly examined artist for one year from 1.6.19, with the possibility for a prolonged stay for one year based on application.
Studio 304 is 42 sq.meetres and subsidised monthly rent is kr 1829.
Studio 404 is 40 sq.meetres and subsidised monthly rent is kr 1689.
Kr 200 monthly is added to the rent to cover electricity, and is balanced out at the end of the year.
The studios has free wifi, access to shared kitchen facilities, shower and toilet, and a large industrial elevator. Wood workshop and a project room is also for hire. The studios are subsidised with support from Bergen Kommune and Vestland Fylkeskommune.

See www.cs55.no for further information or contact LisBeth Johansen Sjøvoll lederkunstnerverksteder@gmail.com.

Written application, cv and images of works must be submitted to lederkunstnerverksteder@gmail.com by 20. of February 2023.

Kunstnerverksteder cs55
v/ LisBeth Johansen Sjøvoll
C.Sundtsgate 55, 4.etg.
Mobil: 934 10 388
E-post: kunstnerverkstedercs55@gmail.com

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