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Project-room for rent

Room 303, available for rent in periods from 1 week to 6 months.

The project room is in a co-operative with mini kitchen, wet-room/shower and toilet, with access to a roof-terrace on 9th floor (through BEK) with view over Bergen’s harbour.

Rental is regulated by contract period.

Studio rent is kr. 4200.- pr. month including electricity.

The project-room is 52m2 with north facing window, approx. 2x2,2m in four panes. The ceiling height is 2,74m.
The room is quite recently decorated with full-length partition walls of wood/plaster plates (insulated with Rockwool) and concrete outer walls.
Facilities include 1 large goods-elevator with drive-in, full, electric garage door.

Booking should be sent to:

Kunstnerverksteder cs55
v/ LisBeth Johansen Sjøvoll
C.Sundtsgate 55, 4.etg.
Mobil: 934 10 388
E-post: kunstnerverkstedercs55@gmail.com

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