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Alt Går Bra at the V&A

The Victoria and Albert Museum has invited Alt Går Bra to bring the legendary Gestetner printing machines back to life at their Friday Late on March 29th.

Alt Går Bra’s installation Le Grand Mètre will unravel along the Tapestry Gallery in homage to the largest copy art piece in the world–xeroxed and performatively displayed by artist Céjar at the Louvre in the 1980s. Especially conceived for the Copy/Paste event, the Alt Går Bra mimeographed installation will be contextualized by a talk in conversation with a V&A curator.

This will be an opportunity to rediscover the prolific Gestetner machines, vital to so many artists and activists from last century. Reflecting upon this legacy, Alt Går Bra will discuss the relevance of mimeograph practices in the increasingly dematerialized era of digital technology.

At the V&A, Alt Går Bra will present its 5-year mimeograph practice, focusing on a year-long research in London that resulted in an exhibition at Bruce Castle Museum and a conference at the University of Westminster. A book featuring this research will be published this year, co-edited with Prof. Teal Triggs.


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