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Alt Går Bra presents Dominique Pagani

at Tout Va Bien series
Hosted by Research Group for Radical Philosophy and Literature at UiB
20/05/2019 kl. 16.00-18.00, HF-bygget, Sydnesplassen 7, 4 etasje room 435

The event is free and open to the public

Alt Går Bra presents French philosopher Dominique Pagani in collaboration with the Research Group for Radical Philosophy and Literature at the University of Bergen.
Philosophy has gained a reputation of being an enigmatic discipline. Oral philosophy, with Socrates as its best known proponent, tends to dispel that enigmatic character. With Dominique Pagani, Tout Va Bien introduces the French tradition of oral philosophy, carried out namely outside academic contexts.
As demanded by the oral nature of the task, Pagani is a superb rhetorician with a vast erudition. He may develop a philosophical idea starting with mathematics to continue with jazz and sum it all up with African mythology. His disquisitions are usually sprinkled by melodic recitations of poems and philosophical texts. The audience might easily stumble upon an ekphrasis of a painting or an exegesis of a sacred text.
Pagani’s eloquence is usually aimed at commenting on current events, putting philosophical conceptions to a test. He walks his public through Hegelian dialectics into the Yellow Vests movement, and from current wars into the world of Odysseus, without forgetting to stop for a brief rest in the locus amoenus of Virgil’s Georgics.
An expert in Hegel with a devotion to music, Pagani was born in Vietnam, spent his youth in

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